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Logo, animation, cover photos for Podcasts, website design and prototype, mockups, slide deck templates for lesson presentations
Art Director, Graphic Designer
The Practical Teachers are committed to providing resources and support to help enable educators to thrive in their classrooms and reach students more effectively. 
In preparation for their launch, we collaborated on an original visual identity system which is still being developed and pushed into various brand touchpoints — logo, podcast cover artwork, website design and presentation templates to name a few.
Above: Logo, 1-color

This logo was created in several variations suitable for many different applications, and the identity continues to become more versatile with increased use. The design features an owl, representing wisdom, who was created as an abstracted monogram using the letterforms from the logo's font. 
The sophisticated colors and playful shapes were chosen in an attempt to stimulate viewers (teal/turquoise) and boost their mood (gold/yellow-orange), while creating subtle associations to a gold medal ("best of the best"). Use of these colors along with black and white increases the overall visibility and contrast between elements.
Above: Logo, 3-color, two variations

An animated version of the logomark was also created for use on websites, videos and other brand touch points.
Above: Animated logomark

Podcast cover artwork was created along with a mockup image to help The Practical Teachers visualize the expansion of their brand identity into their target customer channels as they launch their new podcast.
Above: Podcast cover photo

Above: Podcast page mockups

Working website prototypes complete with custom icons and graphics were designed for desktop, tablet and mobile, and are being used as a guide for the web developers on the project. Mockup images were created for different devices to use as visual aids.
Above: Website design and mockups (mobile)

Above: Website design and mockups (desktop)

Above: Website design and mockups (tablet)

MORE COMING SOON – I'm currently creating presentation deck templates to help ensure The Practical Teachers are prepared to engage their target customer segments with appropriate services in an effective and timely manner.
Brand Identity Systems

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