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Logo, apparel mockups, graphics for social media
Art Director, Graphic Designer
Harnessed Adrenaline is committed to providing original content about safe, ethical and sustainable hunting and fishing practices. As they prepared their new business for a huge launch in 2021, I was approached to work with them in creating a clean, simple logo which would specifically look professional on their branded apparel, and be used to build some hype around the company before its launch.
A stylized font became the basis for the entire identity system, and a monogram-style logomark was desired, so using the shapes of the letterforms as the basis for the mark and visually harnessing them together in this shield shape was an ideal solution to reinforce their emphasis on safety. The sharp angles were used to shift the dynamics and complete the "HA" monogram, allowing for the accent shape to be added in representation of mountains, arrowheads and upward momentum in general ("heightened adrenaline").
Above: Logo, 1-color

Above: Logo, 2-color, four color variations

This logo and flexible color palette, complete with "Hunter's Orange", "Camo Green", "Sky Blue" and "Earth Brown", have become the foundation of a more developed brand identity system. 
Mockups of various apparel items were created to help Harnessed Adrenaline visualize the expansion of their brand identity into these more tangible channels.
Above: Apparel mockups with logo (1 of 2)

Above: Apparel mockups with logo (2 of 2)

MORE COMING SOON – I'm currently creating content for a unique social media campaign designed to help Harnessed Adrenaline engage their target audience in an ongoing, visual call-and-response dialogue.
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